500 Pages K2 Spice Spray Book

500 Pages K2 Spice Spray Book


500 pages K2 spice spray book.
The price is for 1 BOOK (200 pages)(300 pages)(500 pages).
Each page of the book contains 25 ml=0.845351 fluid oz of k2 spray.
When ordering, if you’re sending to an inmate, in the notes section you can type any relevant details on the inmate or special message. We will use that before sending. You can also email us this after your order is completed.
If you need plain/empty k2 papers

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500 Pages K2 Spice Spray Book


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500 Pages K2 Spice Spray Book at Eva Med Store USA. Even if reading is not your thing, this book is worth adding to your bookshelf. It sets you up for a good time from the get-go with 500 pages of engrossing experiences sparked by Spice. It’s on every page of the 500-page K2 Spice spray book in 25ml. Rest assured that it will keep you hooked down to the last page.

When you look at it, this book resembles a regular hardback book.

But instead of flicking through it chapter by chapter, you can rip a page out and convert it into a smokable product. One page has an amount of Spice that’s high enough to keep your high extremely lasting.

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The book is easy to keep out of sight. Its cover looks normal, and its pages are colorless. If you need to make sure the book doesn’t attract unnecessary attention, you will not have difficulty storing it on a bookshelf, in a drawer, or elsewhere.

Buy the K2 Spice spray of 500 pages as a gift for an inmate
Nothing beats a 500-page book to while away the time in jail, except a 500-page book with each page sprayed with top-notch Spice.

Send it to a prisoner in the US or overseas so that the unlucky ones can have a good time too. We can get it to any inmate securely and with no questions asked.

Do you have a message for a prisoner? Jot it down as you order the K2 spray book of 500 pages . We’ll add your message to the Notes section of the book.

This 500-page K2 Spice spray book contains such a high amount of Spice that it provides synthetically invigorating experiences for years. Buy it today to get deep into the best stories you’ve ever heard.


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200 Pages, 300 Pages, 500 Pages


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